Advisory body

Challenging and questioning everything is part of our DNA in GRANTIRO. First and foremost, we start by reflecting ourselves with the help of an advisory body.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Brunnhuber is part of the senate at the European Academy of Sciences and Arts, member of The World Academy of Sciences and the Club of Rome (Austrian Chapter). Formerly a student of Baron Dahrendorf, he now works as a medical director, head physician and professor in Saxony, Germany. Through his evolutionary and integral approach to economics and psychology, he has become a well-established name in the fields of praxis, science and politics. As a practicing Buddhist and Catholic, his professional activities are consistent with the respective mystical traditions and practices as well as the oriental and western philosophies. Prof. Dr. Dr. Brunnhuber is the spokesperson of the scientific advisory body of GRANTIRO and enriches our expertise in essential issues for the future, including humanity, transformation and sustainability. For more information, visit