Example 1: Schaidt Innovations

Initial situation: Schaidt Innovations is a medium-sized contract manufacturer of electronic assemblies, devices and systems, mainly working for the automobile industry. The product discontinuation of the dominant end user PORSCHE and the missing distribution to generate compensatory business measures led to the frustration of contract. 

The approach of Rasenberger Toschek: The TaR approach organized and coordinated by Rasenberger Toschek did not only include classic restructuring measures, but more importantly a business model innovation process to demonstrate possible new commercial capabilities to potential investors. Cooperating with Rasenberger Toschek and the BMI Lab, St. Gallen, the employees of Schaidt Innovations developed possible new products and business models. Within only 7 months, the TaR approach was realized, even followed by a global targeting process with 140 potential investors.

Transaction: All financial assets, including the operative ones as well as those owned by the holding company, could be transferred. The buyer, Webasto, primarily plans to manufacture prototypes and small quantities for their own new eMobility department. First of all, the company seeks to produce charging stations for eCars and eBikes – a product that has also been developed with the TaR approach. An integration of Schaidt Innovations into the Webasto group allows the joining company to compensate their own shortcomings. Through this, more than 150 jobs have been preserved.

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