Example 2: GE Power

GE Power announced the closing of departments with over 1,500 employees. Under the name GRANTIRO, Rasenberger Toschek joined forces with strategic and operative partners to maintain and develop those production sites threatened by closure plans.

Start-up phase for the development, implementation and marketing of new business approaches

  1. Modified core business: Third-party sales in or nearby the previous industrial base
  2. New core business: Products in line with the TaR process
  3. Start of the NewCo

Core benefits

Structure of a sustainable industrial business model:

  • Utilization of the employees‘ know-how
  • Protection and assurance of employment
  • Utilization of existing assets
  • Continued use of the industrial competence and infrastructure

Integration of the Business Model Innovation (BMI) process into the overall concept

  1. Carving out the sites threatened by closure plans | Transferring staff and assets to a new company (NewCo)
  2. Initialising a broad, extensive BMI process | Starting a company-wide innovation process – also as a qualification. Active development of new business models; if necessary, focusing on a subset of employees during the process. Restructuring the current core business to process GE’s orders, simultaneously to the innovation process
  3. Repositioning the NewCo and start to a sustainable future | Implementation of the BMI concepts (Ramp-up phase). Implementation of strategic and operative measures for the – prospectively elapsed – industrial core business

Securing staff that can neither find employment in GE nor the NewCo.

Side benefits

Prevention of

  • Mass dismissals to the original extent
  • Devaluation of assets
  • Bringing up of discussions about legacy of pollution with changes in use

Reduction of investments, such as those in industrial disputes (internal and external), bonding time and attention on the management/employee side etc.

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