Our concept

Traditional processes of restructuring do not overcome fundamental challenges in crisis situations that businesses may face.

  1. Restructuring must not be limited to measures of cost reduction.
  2. Process improvements in production and administration are not sufficient for acquiring a sustainable competitive ability.
  3. Conventional ways of product portfolio streamlining and extension are only successful over the short to medium term.
  4. The integration of a root-and-branch innovation process, also, or rather especially in restructuring and turnaround situations. We call it “Transformation as Restructuring”.

Benefits: With Transformation as Restructuring (TaR), you can not only achieve definite quantitative goals but also attain qualitative ones.

  • sustainable, new business ideas and models
  • motivation and integration of employees
  • preventing a “traditional“ confrontation between investors/executives and employee sides/trade unions

Procedure: When realizing TaR projects, GRANTIRO cooperates with specialized partners to guarantee a future-oriented positioning.

  • The experienced professionals and experts at Rasenberger Toschek secure the areas of corporate finance, restructuring and project management.
  • In cooperation with our innovation partners from the BMI Lab AG, a spin-off of the University of St. Gallen, we generate the innovation process.
  • Adequate market and industry partners are available for well-founded expertise in to distribution, production, processes and the market.

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