Our mission

Economical actors, be it individuals, corporations or miscellaneous organizations, are put under considerable pressure to change. Megatrends like digitalization, globalization, migration and climate change – just to name a few of the most prominent examples – amplify this very pressure. It is imperative to face this issue and overcome all challenges involved.

Many existing business models are highly threatened. Other business models still appear to be functional – but eventually, the emerging paradigm shift in the entire economy will get hold of them as well. Even the seemingly unaffected will be struck with considerable repercussions. In this respect, those concerns spread to an extent that influences society as a whole.

GRANTIRO considers its role in these situations as an “enabler”/attendant and “cooperative entrepreneurial partner”.

Our mission is to provide the necessary set of tools and instruments to those affected by this pressure of change. We are enabling a brand-new reinvention and the structural conditions for its ideal implementation.

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