The term “gran tiro“ originates from Spanish and essentially means  “major coup” or  “great shot”. Under the name GRANTIRO, partners have joined forces to support businesses and organizations in successfully overcoming special challenges. The main focus lays on businesses which have a strong core, motivated employees, a (yet) economical way of operation and a business foundation that is threatened by digitalization and transformation.


Our goal is to preserve sites, know-how and production bases. Our approach is to utilize already existing resources and personnel to develop new ideas and concepts to pave the way for a safe future.

Here at GRANTIRO, we deliberately take social responsibility. The loss of the business foundation of a renowned company is more than just an economic issue – people working for traditional German businesses over generations is not a rare case. Site closings affect – often, unnecessarily – individuals, families, locations, and in some cases, even whole regions. Even when using the absolute best of approaches, it is not possible to support every single threatened business in developing a sustainable, future-oriented concept. We are truly convinced that the businesses affected by those disruptive changes deserve the best approach and the most valuable opportunities possible.